Wind power

Have you considered generating your own electricity from a wind turbine? Prices continue to fall and there is now a wide range of different options to help you reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint - some households have even taken themselves off the grid completely!

If you can't generate your own electricity, them always ensure you use a green electricity supplier such as Ecotricity. Switching is easy and it won't cost you a penny more than you already pay!

Did you know?
Opponents of wind energy often claim that the energy used to build and erect a wind turbine is greater than the energy produced during its lifetime in operation. This is false. According to the journal Renewable Energy in 2010, the average windfarm produces 20-25 times more energy during its operational lifetime than was used to construct and install its turbines. Wind farms

Interesting snippet One of the largest windfarms in the world was built in Gwynt y Mor, Wales in 2011. The £2 billion Gwynt y Mor windfarm will consist of 160 wind turbines around 10 miles off the north Wales coast near to Colwyn Bay and Llandudno [read more]

"As we watch the sun go down, evening after evening, through the smog across the poisoned waters of our native earth, we must ask ourselves seriously whether we really wish some future universal historian on another planet to say about us: 'With all their genius and with all their skill, they ran out of foresight and air and food and water and ideas' or, 'They went on playing politics until their world collapsed around them.' - U Thant, speech, 1970

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Wire Free Direct

A leading supplier of solar panels, wind turbines, accessories and renewable energy products and solutions. We also offer a customised micro-generation design service to suit your solar or wind power requirements.



Providers of a wide selection of quality eco-friendly and energy-saving products to individuals, businesses and other organisations





Energy and Environment Ltd - Suppliers and installers of Solar Electric (PV), Solar Thermal and Wind Turbine systems for domestic and industrial projects . Turbines from 300W-1Kw and from 5kw to 250kW outputs. Wholesale suppliers of complete PV, solar thermal and wind turbine systems. Retail suppliers of inverters, regulators, batteries and all associated energy equipment.
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