Water saving devices
Fitting a water saving device is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways of cutting your carbon footprint. It also saves you money too, with payback in weeks rather than years.

Some interesting facts: About 70% of the earth’s surface is covered with water and 97% of the water on the earth is salt water. Around 2% of the water on earth is glacier ice at the North and South Poles. Less than 1% of all the water on earth is fresh water that we can actually use.

What many people fail to appreciate is that consumption goes beyond simple use of water in everyday life. There is the more important ‘embedded water’ - the water used to grow food. For example, embedded in an average pint of beer, is about 130 pints. That is, the total amount needed to grow the ingredients and operate all the processes necessary to create the pint of beer. Think about if for a moment – it takes 130 pints of water to create the 1 pint of beer we drink! [Read more]

Fracking hell, fracking and water pollution
Forget oil. The Arab world's real challenge

“We never know the worth of water till the well is dry.” - Thomas Fuller, Gnomologia, 1732

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Eco-Works® manufacture the eco-cube® – the proven microbiological product for converting any urinal to become a water free urinal. eco-cube® can save £350.0 or more a year per urinal in water saving costs. With its unique formulation of friendly ‘probiotic’ bacteria, eco-cube® prevents the build up of uric scale and ammonic salts, keeping the urinal pipe work clear of scale and free from bad odours. The eco-cube® system installs instantly, is simple to maintain and is a proven in business product. Over 40,000 urinals use their eco-cube® product worldwide! Contact them today and order a simple eco-cube® Starter Pack.


Call: 08700 777575

Reusablebottle stocks over 50 different bottles from big bottle brands


At www.reusablebottle.co.uk they are now sourcing even more bottles! A reusable bottle can save on hundreds of disposable plastic bottles and hundreds of pounds of wasted money. And, let’s face it, why buy a boring bottle of water for £2 a time, when you can have a lovely long-lasting bottle to fill for free from your tap! There is a bottle for everyone from the tiny tot in the buggy to grandma who wants a warm cuppa in her greenhouse. Check out some new Kor bottles, the really popular Water Bobble, that filters as you drink and the collapsible Aquatina (which fell into the Dragon’s Den, but came out smiling with a really useful and popular bottle). **Also in stock: Retap glass bottles, a large range of Contigo bottles and a food jar, the sunny stainless steel favourite H2Onya and BYOcups – reusable coffee cups for use in coffee shops or at work!**

Please use discount code RB15 at the checkout to get a 15% discount.

Rotaire water saving

The Dryline will pay for itself in reduced energy bills in 6 to 8 months. People are unaware that the washing cycle uses 1/3 of domestic energy.

An umbrella without a cover is useless, so why treat your laundry that way? The Dryline will not dry your laundry as quickly as a tumble dryer, BUT there will be no pollution, cost, energy or wear and tear on your clothes! It's pleasant to hang it naturally in the open air -  gives a fresher feel and smell. Visit www.rotaire.com 


Big Green Smile - informing and providing choice over the UK's widest range of natural products, made with the environment in mind. They offer products that are effective, natural and produced with the utmost consideration for the environment. They don't believe in using chemicals where they aren't needed, especially when there is a good natural alternative. Big Green Smile stock a range of water saving devices. 


Gutter Mate

Gutter Mate saves water and consequently reduces your water bill. It can be produced in the same colour as the drainpipe. The material is UV stabilised, so it will not discolour due to sunlight. All water is filtered and a filter basket collects debris. It’s easy to clean in only 30 seconds, avoiding you having to pay someone to clean your gutters. It also helps to protect your roof joists and walls from damp. Save water, save money and save yourself! www.guttermate.co.uk/


Aqua Pro Solutions

AquaPro Solutions is a global resource for the promotion and advancement of water filtration and water efficiency technologies. They offer everything from small countertop models to whole house systems, shower filters, water softeners, iron, fluoride and arsenic removal filters. www.aquaprosolutions.com/


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Eco-Works Ltd. “Very good products, very helpful people and very knowledgeable.” – Liz Tyne







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