Telephone directories, information dinosaurs and waste of paper

Recent research by the UK Online Measurement Company (UKOM) into use of the Internet reveals that 65 percent are spending more time on-line than three years ago.

Most of this time is spent on social networks or blogs, which account for around a quarter of the total time spent on-line.

With ever-increasing use of the Internet for information searches, research, news, networking and a plethora of other uses, it once again brings us back to the question of how relevant paper directories are.

For one, the information contained in them can quickly become out of date and cannot be updated real-time. Secondly, they are time-consuming having to flick through numerous pages to get to what you want. Finally, and most concerning, they rely on trees being cut down and tonnes of paper being used. For example, thousands of trees and tonnes of paper are used to produce telephone directories such as Yellow Pages.

You can now opt-out of receiving many paper directories, which are rapidly becoming information dinosaurs in the rapidly moving and constantly changing world of the Internet.

Dr Gary Robertshaw
The Green Providers Directory



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