Fair trade jewellery

Many of the world’s precious metals and gemstones are mined under harsh working conditions by people who are very poorly paid. Often, the workers are children.


The mining itself can cause significant environmental damage including the use of mercury or cyanide to extract gold. If that were not bad enough, thousands have been killed in wars funded by the sale of diamonds, often referred to as ‘blood diamonds’.


Fair trade jewellery is produced without child labour or worker exploitation, where the environmental impact is minimised and without causing or indirectly funding conflict. When someone next shows you their new diamond ring or gold necklace ask them if they know how it was produced. Always look to buy fair trade jewellery and wear it with a clear conscience.

"These gems have life in them:  their colors speak, say what words fail of." - George Eliot

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Accessory Fair Trade

Accessory Fair is an online Fair Trade retailer offering a wide variety of stylish, high quality and great value Bags, Jewellery and Accessories. All of their goods are sourced from BAFTS registered importers and wholesalers, and so you can be sure that the highest ethical standards are maintained in the production of the Bags, Hats, Scarves, Sarongs, Gloves, Bracelets and Necklaces that are available. www.accessoryfair.co.uk  

Mimosa Style


At Mimosa Style they believe you can have the best of both worlds….. beautiful, stylish products that are fairly traded without exploitation. They carefully select their suppliers to ensure that their fashion accessories, jewellery and gifts have been made by local craftspeople who are fairly paid and work in decent conditions. Mimosa Style are keen to promote the use of natural materials from sustainable sources in making these fabulous items. So if you want to look good and feel good then why not add a little Mimosa Style to your life!


Daisy Daisy brings you a great range of stylish and desirable ethical gift ideas

Daisy Daisy brings you a great range of stylish and desirable ethical gift and jewellery ideas ranging from organic fairtrade kids t-shirts to greetings cards made from Rhino Poo! As a family owned and run business Daisy Daisy feel passionately that they can provide you with products that are created without exploiting people or animals with minimal impact on the environment. Whether visiting their shop on the Isle of Wight or using their online service, Daisy Daisy offer a friendly and hassle free experience.

Hairy Growler Jewellery

Hairy Growler Jewellery is a design led, environmentally friendly and fair trade jewellery collective. All of their jewellery is 100% recycled, 100% handcrafted in Cambridge and Newcastle. All completely original in both design and concept. www.hairygrowler.co.uk/


Pride and Grace


Pride and Grace sells Graceful adornments to wear with Pride. 18K White and Yellow Gold fair trade jewellery, ladies and girls hair clips and combs, bridal tiaras, and cufflinks. All proceeds from each Pride and Grace sale are donated to the charity 'Children On The Edge' and their project in Thailand. Their project works to offer education to keep girls in trafficking hot-spots safe and reduce the chances of them being trafficked. All Pride & Grace items are produced with stringent environmental standards and sent in beautiful environmentally friendly gift boxes made from recycled materials. www.prideandgrace.com

Indigo Ocean 

Indigo Ocean have an elegant range of solid silver fair trade jewellery finely crafted in .924 silver inlaid with beautiful semi precious gemstones. Their jewellery is hand made in India by a community still practising the ancient religion of Jainism. For this community in particular, jewellery making is an acceptable pastime since it does not cause harm, pain or suffering to any living being including plantlife and wildlife. For this reason, jewellery making is prevalent within Jain communities across India. Indigo Ocean are very proud that all their silver jewellery is unique since it has been handmade using traditional skills passed down through generations of these artisans. www.indigooceantrading.co.uk

Reviews and feedback

Indigo Ocean Trading. "Wanted to say how delighted I am with the shell picture frame, it is really beautiful. Thanks again." - Karen Wilson




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